Breaking News! Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney!

May 4, 2012

Today, Rick Santorum, speaking at the Neanderthal Thinkers Forum, said, “Today, I am endorsing Mitt Romney for President.  As President, Mitt Romney will do great things for this country.  All of my attacks on Mitt were hyperbole and mere political gamesmanship – simply part of my quest to clinch the Republican nomination.  Forget what I said; I didn’t really mean it.  I am just another conservative hypocrite.  In truth, Mitt Romney is the candidate who will get America back on track, getting government out of the way of individuals and restoring prosperity.  I urge my supporters to get behind Mitt Romney during this election.”

Of course, Santorum didn’t say that, but that is what the media would love to report that he did say.  They seem to be obsessed with the question, “Will Santorum endorse Romney”?  After all, this is a really big question because of the very real possibility that Santorum will instead endorse Barack Obama – in some distorted, parallel universe!  All the media hoopla over various conservatives endorsing Romney is utter nonsense.  Who else are they going to endorse?  Does Romney even need their endorsement?  I think not.  No one needs to tell anyone who supported Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Perry, or Santorum who to vote for when the choice is between Obama and Romney!

So, why does the media make so much of this meaningless endorsement question?  The only reason I can think of is that it validates their view of conservatives as being hypocrites.  Here we have Mr. X, who previously said various negative things against Romney, now supporting Romney.  What hypocrisy!  Not really.  The obvious point to make is that Mr. X may disagree with Romney on many points, while still thinking that Romney is a far better candidate than Obama.  It isn’t that X’s differences with Romney were fake or inconsequential, but only that those differences are nothing in comparison to X’s differences with Obama.

On the other hand, if Mr. X remains silent and doesn’t endorse Romney, he is again a hypocrite.  Here is Mr. X, Mr. Conservative, who is clearly on Romney’s side in a Romney-Obama match up, but yet he won’t stand up for Romney.  Hypocrisy!  Pettiness!  We love it!  Perhaps it would be hypocrisy and pettiness.  Or, perhaps Mr. X sees an endorsement as wholesale approval rather than selection of the best among the available choices.

Personally, I expect Santorum will ultimately back Romney, but frankly I don’t care.  For me, given the choice between Romney and Obama, the choice is clear.  I don’t need Santorum or any of the other Republican primary candidates to help me make up my mind.


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