Honesty and Integrity

August 20, 2013

Dilbert for August 19, 2013:

A lot of people believe Dogbert is right, but who lives that way?  Yet, if a person believes people are just “temporary arrangements of matter, sliding toward oblivion in a cold, uncaring universe”, then aren’t they being completely irrational when they act otherwise?  And, isn’t it best to act rationally?

How would we think about human rights, if we believed this, and were rational?

How would we think about the environment, if we believed this, and were rational?

Actually, if Dogbert is right, can we even insist on the goodness of being rational?  After all, when we speak of being rational, we are saying that there are proper and improper ways for our minds to operate.  Yet, how can there be proper or improper ways for temporary arrangements of matter to behave?

Dogbert’s is a view of the world that I just cannot accept.  No rational person can, for either they are wrong and irrational or else they are right and rationality doesn’t even exist.


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