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Married, with children.  If I say how long I’ve been married or how many kids I have, it”s sure to be well out of date by the next time I update this.  If you know me, you already know.  If not, you probably don’t really care anyway.

I enjoy reading in a variety of areas, and most of my reading is nonfiction.  Most of my time is consumed by working, raising kids, and preparing lessons for the adult Sunday school class that I teach.  I also do a little writing here and there.  For fun, I enjoy a good walk (especially nature walks), reading, and playing games.  I have an interest in woodworking, but I haven’t had the time or tools to really get into that.


I am a Christian by faith and reason (that is, I trust in Christ and I believe there’s good reason to do so).  Actually, that’s also the name of the class that I teach – Faith and Reason.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with a concentration in Computer Science, and I have been working in the software development field since before I graduated in 1996.  I have worked in various industries: footwear, pharmaceutical, financial, software (i.e., where the software is actually the company’s product).  I enjoy my job most when it involves mathematical thinking and/or draws on the field of computer science.  Unfortunately, it seems most software development jobs entail developing business applications and most times they require little math or computer science knowledge.

As a career, software development suits me well, since I am analytical by nature.  If I weren’t doing this, perhaps I would be a math or computer science professor, a statistician, an actuary, or a writer.  I might enjoy being a philosopher too, but I think that would be too much theory and too little application in order for me to enjoy it as a career.

As for technologies, I have worked with Gupta SQLWindows, Visual Basic, Java, C, C++, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, M (MUMPS), XML, XML Schema, Windows, and *nix.


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