Do You Want to Live the Good Life?

Upward Basketball Devotional, Feb 12, 2011, John 14:6


So I started thinking about prayer and the sorts of things we ask God for.

We don’t ask for bad things. We don’t ask God to make us miss every basket we shoot for, or to give us the flu, or to take our jobs away.

No, we ask God for good things. We ask for things like making a few baskets in our game – for success. We ask for good health. We ask for a new job when we’re unemployed. We ask for all kinds of good things. So let’s think, what is highest or greatest good that we could ask God for?

How about asking God to give us himself? After all, what can be better than having God? Think about it. What friend could top God? God has more power than any President or king. He knows more than any genius; he knows everything there is to know. When it comes to art or beauty, God didn’t just paint a landscape or sunrise, He created them. God is richer than anyone; He owns everything. And how about being famous? Who hasn’t heard of God?

It’s true that God wants to give us good things, but what he wants most of all is to give us the very best: Himself. He doesn’t want to be our slave, a genie in the bottle, waiting around to grant our next wish. He wants to have a relationship with us. So what has he done about it? Well, He sent us Jesus.

In our verse this week, Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” Jesus told us he is the way to the Father. Following Jesus is following the path to the highest, greatest good, to the most excellent being there is – God.

Jesus also told us he is the truth. God wants us to know the truth. He wants us to know that He really loves us and that He wants us to come to Him and have a relationship with Him. Jesus is the proof of that. Jesus shows us the truth about God.

Now, imagine for a moment that you live in a small hut, and work at hard labor all day long everyday. Then, suddenly, you’re made wealthy and find yourself lying on the beach on a beautiful, tropical island. You might say to yourself, “Now this is the life!” You might look back on your former life and say that wasn’t living at all.

Jesus told us he is the life. If we don’t have Jesus, we don’t have life. Life without God isn’t just a worse life, it isn’t life at all; it’s death. When good things come into our lives, they enrich our lives. When God comes into our lives, we become truly alive for the first time; for the first time we can truly say, “Now this is living!”

Do you want to live the good life? The good life is life with God, and Jesus is the way.


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