Got Faith?

Whether you realize it or not, you have many beliefs that demonstrate faith.

For example, do you believe the earth rotates around the sun?  How do you know?  Are you absolutely certain this is so?  Have you conducted any experiments or taken any measurements to confirm it?  Most likely, your knowledge on this matter is based on what someone else has told you.  You have put faith in that person (or those people).  Your belief rests on their authority.

Or, consider historical events.  Recently, the anniversaries of the lunar landing and the Tiananmen Square massacre were in the news.  There are some who claim these events never took place.   We’ve also heard about Holocaust deniers.  Did these events really take place?  Were you there?  For most people, the reality of even fairly recent historical events are accepted or rejected on the testimony of others.  Here again, we exercise faith.

What do we know with absolute certainty?  Or, how much do we have firsthand knowledge of?  Precious little, when you really think about it.  Knowing truth isn’t easy; it takes work to weigh the evidence.  However, the more important having the truth is, the more worthwhile it is to do that work.  Whether your friend really paid only $2,000 for his Mustang probably isn’t of great importance to you.  On the other hand, whether your eternal future depends on your acceptance, or rejection, of Jesus Christ – there is a matter on which you clearly want to know the truth.  The stakes could hardly be greater.

Consider how little we humans know with absolute certainty, and compare that to God, who knows all things.  We are so very limited, and God is so very great! Do you readily put faith in men?  How much more then, should you put faith in God!

Faith in God.  It does a soul good.


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