Find True Love

Are you in search of true love?  The perfect relationship?  Do you want to find that special person who excels in everyway – grace, beauty, strength, honesty, steadfastness, faithfulness, and so on?  The person who fully deserves your love, who you can love completely, without reservation?

True love.  Why is it called “true”, except for the very reason that there are many things which masquerade as love and yet fall short of the ideal that is “true” love.  Consider anyone whom you love.  If you are honest, you will find you cannot love them completely.  You cannot completely and utterly adore them, admire them, honor them, or praise them.  The object of your love has his or her faults.  You must either be dishonest or reserve some of the praise and adoration you would have for someone who was more excellent.

Someone more excellent – someone most excellent in everyway – that is the only proper object of full and complete love – true love – a love which lacks nothing that love ought to possess.  Who fits this description?  God alone.  If you would seek true love, the One you must seek is God.

Love desires to be loved.  From the one whom you adore, you desire some token in return.  A compliment, or a small attention, coming from a stranger, means little.  However, we savor as the choicest morsels such compliments or little attentions from those whom we adore.  Here is the wonder of God.  He pays us the very greatest attention possible, loving us, though we have done nothing worthy of it.  He entered into His creation and took on the form of a man, Jesus.  Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty that we owed on account of our offenses against God.  He offers us eternal life.  That He himself came to life again is His evidence that He has the right to offer us eternal life.  We only need to trust Him to save us.  There is no other way.

Experience true love.   Make God the object of your love, and delight in being loved perfectly by the One who created you.  God’s love never fails!


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