Hyundai’s Great Ad

I love the add that Hyundai has been running.  You can find the text here, from WordPresser, who didn’t like it so much.  What WordPresser apparently missed is that just after saying, “What ever happened to commitment”, the text “10 years/100,000 mile powertrain warranty” appears on the screen.  The message is very clear: Hyundai is committed to their customers.  I don’t know much about Hyundai, but I do know their warranty.  Their advertising campaigns have focused on it for years.  You can watch the ad at Hyundai’s site.

What I really like about the ad is that they are contributing to uplifting our society, rather than degrading it (by, for example, using sex to sell their cars).  My mouth must have dropped open when I heard them criticizing our divorce-happy culture.  Not only are they encouraging us to buy their cars because they’ll be committed to us, but they’re encouraging us to be willing to fix things – like marriages that are falling apart, rather than trading one spouse for another.

This ad took some courage, and Hyundai deserves some praise for it.  Great Job Hyundai!  May others follow in your footsteps!


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